Our CONTACT INFO and SOCIAL MEDIA is to the left.  A more eye-pleasing contact page will be added when life simmers down and Steph has time to work on it.  If anyone knows of an amateur website designer that wants a great refference or possibly as a school project, we could always use the help!  If you are local to anywhere in SE Michigan, we are completely willing to trade for the help by taking a pig to you or your friends party, event, hangout, or the nursinghome, school, or special person of your choice!  Its about Spreading Piggy Love!  You help us spread it, we will help spread the smiles across the faces of your loved ones!



PS... Since everything we do is kid friendly, a smart teenager (or pre-teen for the right kid!) is welcome to help!  If they can dedicate themselves to do it in an easy software or format Steph can edit, take direction,can comprehend what it is we are attempting to do here online and in life, and will comeplete what they start, THEN PLEASE CONTACT US!!!



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DJ Bass Pig
Ypsilanti, MI

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Benny (Call/Text)


Steph (Calls OK, Prefers text)


Steph has tourettes*

cough & sniffles are NOISES

She is NOT sick






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******* NOTE ******* Steph believes in writing in the form of every-day conversation style. This website is written in such a way on purpose, to connect the mundane with the amazing. There is a point where "proper" stops and "you" begin... close the educational gap! Take a moment to reflect on your own subtle differences in written & spoken every-day language. This is your personal style. OINK YOUR TRUTH! (Actually, pigs say "murph!")