Who We Are

We are a Therapy & Awareness group based in Ypsilanti, Michigan with a future goal of becoming a non-profit.  We do pet pig fundraisers and events, naturally, but also do things such as nursing home visits, group homes & hospices.  We do age-tailored education talks (and pig petting! of course!) for schools nursery to college, girl/boy scout troops, and other miscellaneous educational visits and events. 

Muta, Sophie & Bubbie are the three hams who go out in public, we have 4 potbellied pigs (mini-pigs) total! (Unfortunately Vinnie is the absolutely perfect pig for our work but has begun having excitement related seizures) "Moo" & "Soph-a-Loaf" also love (pig-safe) parties, clubs and music venues.  I mean, therapy & education is our life, but you have to be a party animal sometimes, right?  If appropriate, we can attend really anywhere we are invited.  (Although they are legal therapy animals and Muta is Steph's non-traditional service animal whom alerts her to seizures and low bloodsugar, we ALWAYS require permission from the establishment!)

We are also branching into fundraisers and events such as "Kiss The Pig for Cancer" and anything for charity or a good cause.  We are always interested in helping people see the brighter side of the pet pig community, and what better way to do that than by supporting not just other animals, but human causes too!

We love people, the pigs love people, and people love them.... so join us in supporting your community and ours by inviting us to visist or to help with your event or cause!  Our reward is to make people smile and educate those who ask about them, simple as that :-)  And the pigs love it, which is always a bonus! 


We Do Not Charge




. . . Sophie's Diva Donations

The donation boxes we occassionally hang on the pigs in public are LOVE DONATIONS. (They were expected in California and very common, we dont use them in Michigan, but this message gives you an idea of our mindset.)  We don't charge for ANYTHING WE DO!  We Don’t Think It’s Right!!!  This includes schools, nursing homes, and fun stuff like parties, music venues and events... even personal visits! SERIOUSLY!  People think we EXPECT a donation for these.  NOPE!! The point is to have fun and SPREAD PIGGY LOVE!  Networking is fantastic and a recommendation letter even better, but our reward is to make people smile :-)


NOTE:  Our Facebook name cannot be changed.  Our origins started with music events and fundraisers raising money for local charities.  We would lose hundreds of Facebook followers if we changed to a new account.  Since the creation of the DJ Bass Pig organization in 2014 we have evolved and found our niche in this world.  But it's always, ALWAYS been about SPREADING PIGGY LOVE!


The best donation we’ve ever received was a little boy at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles that followed us around for about 2 hrs.  He pet Muta in the beginning, but just hung out in the crowd walking with us.  …At the end he ran up and put a penny in Muta’s box.  As they were leaving his mother told me it was his last and only penny he found on the pier earlier that day.  I almost cried!  We actually keep all special donations like that on our dresser to remind us that what we do isnt for the money, its for the smiles!


Every penny goes to our group, and sometimes Special things like Vinnie's seizure medication.


We wanted to make clear that we TRULY DO NOT CHARGE for our love & services!!!  And if you take a picture, TELL A FRIEND!  Tag us!!!  WORD OF MOUTH IS THE SOCIAL MEDIA OF LOVE!!!   And as always… HELP SPREAD PIGGY LOVE!!!   #spreadpiggylove

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******* NOTE ******* Steph believes in writing in the form of every-day conversation style. This website is written in such a way on purpose, to connect the mundane with the amazing. There is a point where "proper" stops and "you" begin... close the educational gap! Take a moment to reflect on your own subtle differences in written & spoken every-day language. This is your personal style. OINK YOUR TRUTH! (Actually, pigs say "murph!")